2014. augusztus 21., csütörtök

ActionAid - Ebola door to door - OnE

I am sure you have heard about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, affecting Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea in particular. It's the worst outbreak ever recorded - more than 1,000 people have died.

These countries have some of the weakest health systems in the world. Not enough trained doctors and nurses. Clinics without enough supplies to diagnose and treat patients. Villages without running water or reliable electricity, compounding the crisis.

Just days ago, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a global health emergency.

This crisis is showing just how important it is to have strong health systems in place. And it's why ONE members like you continue to fight for long-term investments in health.

We ask you to use the power of your voice at crucial moments when it's needed most, and together we've made incredible progress in the fight against extreme poverty.

In this case, governments and institutions around the world are beginning to step up, pledging resources in response to the World Health Organization's emergency appeal.

ONE members have asked us how to help. If our governments don't step up, we'll be calling on you to use your voice. In the meantime, many other organisations that deliver vital services are already in West Africa working hard to save lives and protect communities against Ebola. Find out what they are doing and how you can help.

Thank you


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