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Pride Parade Belgrade - under the gun - 50 people arrested...

Photo: Tanjug
Belgrade – Organizers of the Pride Parade said that the walk down the central city streets will be held today as planned.

Gathering of participants begins at 11:30. Traffic is closed in central Belgrade streets, and presence of a large number of police officers is visible. Protest against the Pride Parade was finished late last night, and new gathering was announced for today at 16h. The route of the participants of the parade:

 – Gathering at 11:30 in front of the Government of Serbia in Nemanjina street – Arrival of participants is enabled from three directions, from Slavija, from casino “London” in Kneza Milosa street and from the direction of the main railway station – The procession will go down Kneza Milosa street to the National Assembly of Serbia, then to Nikola Pasic Square and the City Assembly, where the gathering closes at 14h – Participation in Parade announced Kori Udoviccki, Deputy Prime Minister, Jadranka Joksimovic, Minister without Portfolio, Ivan Tasovac, Minister of Culture and Cedomir Jovanovic, president of LDP

About two dozen opponents of the Pride Parade attempted to break through from Knez Mihajlova street to the Republic Square but were prevented by the police cordon. They dispersed into surrounding streets.

An incident happened at the Pride when a man dressed in a camouflage uniform went among the participants of the parade and broke several banners, Telegraf.rs reported. The transparent had a picture of Patriarch Irinej on it and read: “I give a million euros for you to be mine”.

“Blic” reports that the police has arrested more than 50 people for various reasons so far.

The parade passed Beogradjanka building (Beogradska street), where they briefly stopped. They changed the transparent at the front of the column, and it now reads: “For all the victims of violence in Serbia. Belgrade Pride Parade.” Then they stood for about a minute with fists up in the air as a sign of resistance to violence. After that they continued down Kneza Milosa Street, to the Boulevard of King Aleksandar.

Members of the Gendarmerie have beaten up Andrej Vucic, brother of the Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and three members of the security of the Prime Minister of Serbia. They were transported to Military Medical Academy, “Blic” reports.

Vucic Confirms His Brother Was Beaten By Gendarmerie 

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic confirmed today that members of the Gendarmerie beat his brother Andrej Vucic and two members of the security and that all three of them suffered serious injuries.

“This was the hardest day in every way for me, but I am not here as a brother. I love my brother more than anything in the world. He and two members of my security came out with bloody heads and have serious injuries,” Vucic told reporters at the press conference in the Government of Serbia. He said that there was an excess of power, that they apologized and that neither his brother nor the two security guards will prosecute members of the Gendarmerie who beat them. Vucic also said that he understand members of the Gendarmerie who did this, that they were probably nervous because they had to work today. “I understand the anxiety, they did something against their beliefs,” said the Prime Minister. Reacting to some people saying that it is the best news they heard today, Vucic said that they should ask themselves if everything is well with them. “I do not wish this to them and we will protect them and their families… Let them think if everything is O.K. with them if they believe this is the best news they heard today. My brother’s job is to love and respect his country,” said Vucic. According to unofficial information, Andrej Vucic, together with security, tried to pass through the police line at Slavija square, members of the Gendarmerie beat him and his bodyguards. Andrej was immediately transported to VMA.

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