2014. október 30., csütörtök

Tell G20 leaders to end the trillion dollar scandal!

Dear Zoltan,

My father, Fela Kuti, became famous in Nigeria and then globally, as founder of the musical genre Afrobeat. But it was the quest for justice that fuelled his passion.

Along with many other courageous African activists, he was harassed and imprisoned for chastising corrupt governments that pocketed public money instead of investing it in things such as education and health. Things that would help pull people out of poverty.

Today we have a global scandal on our hands, with a trail that leads to cities like London, Paris and New York. Developing countries are being deprived of a trillion dollars every year, through money laundering, tax evasion and embezzlement. The biggest heist you’ve never heard of is happening all around us - but we can stop it.

The petition reads: 

Dear G20 leaders,

End the shady deals and money laundering that deprive developing countries of more than a trillion dollars every year.

In just a few weeks, leaders from the world's 20 most powerful countries are meeting in Australia. They can make new laws that tackle this problem, but only if enough of us tell them to.

Stopping this trillion dollar scandal would mean developing countries could invest millions more in education, healthcare and agriculture, helping them become self-sufficient and no longer reliant on international aid.

My father, and many others, have risked their lives to expose corruption and rally people to action, urging them to be courageous, to be bold, and to stand up for justice. We should expect no less of global leaders.

Thank you,

Femi Kuti
musician and ONE member.

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