2014. november 20., csütörtök


Karma moves in two directions.
If we act virtuously,
The seed we plant will result in happiness.
If we act non-virtuously, suffering results.
How people treat you is their Karma,
How you react is yours.
Don’t waste your time on
Those that hurt you will eventually face their own KARMA.
No good karma comes from bitterness, jealousy or negative thoughts.
Let positive thoughts grow from experience.
Keep your circle POSITIVE.
Remember what goes around, comes around.
Karma is very powerful and it really works 3 times faster.
I am a big believer in karma.
It’s so important that we are always truthful and
do everything with a clear intention because
God is watching everything and he really protects his children
Who have faith in him and has surrendered to him.
God is the other name for love and mercy but he does
Protect his children who have a pure soul from all
Negative energies.
I’m so thankful for his protection and his light.
Have faith in GOD.


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